Food & Beverages

Be ready for the wonderful adventure


We begin our day by having delicious breakfast with our loved ones, with sun's ray coming in through the window, and the aroma of fresh coffee in the air. In this cozy morning, we can start our travel with slow pace and pleasant mood.

Kindness Day

Favorite childhood memory

Snack bar

We always went to our favorite snack shops when we were children, gazing longingly at the ice cream and cookies through the windows, wondering which snacks we should enjoy.

All these childhood memories are still unforgettable.

Let's refresh our mind and go back in time at Kindness Day Hotel!

Relax and enjoy after a busy day


The night comes silently while the moonlight streaming through the windows. The smell of late night supper filled the air, so let's head towards the restaurant and get ready for the tasty local food! We would have endless chats and laughs, and we would recall our wonderful memories of our journey together.

Kindness Night

Let’s get tipsy together tonight


While enjoying this relaxing night, you can have a few beers with travel mates and pack the night sceneries and exceptional encounters into your craft beers. Let's toast and cheer for this fabulous time.