Those things I learned from picture books


|Those things I learned from picture books|⠀
Kindness Day Hotel x Ubuntu Bookstore Joint Curation in April⠀

Picture books are the best bridge between children and this beautiful world. We have chosen some outstanding illustrators along with their creations which were selected by Bologna Children's Book Fair in Italy.⠀
These illustration works build a bridge for us to feel love, to explore life, and even to find out the courage to pursue dreams bravely. ⠀

When we were little, we always looked forward to celebrating and receiving the gifts on Children's Day. However, we've gradually lost our passion for life during the process of growing up.... ⠀
Who says that being a grown-up cannot celebrate Children's Day? ⠀
Let’s go back to the days when we still have our pure heart through these picture books.⠀

Date: 2020/04/15 – 2020/05/15⠀
Venue: Kindness Day 1F rest area / Ubuntu Bookstore