KNS Hospitality Corporation Bonus Points


Member Points Policy
Member Points: 
1. For each stay, earn 1 bonus point for every 20 NTD spent.  *Non-accommodation expenses do not qualify for bonus points.*
2. Points accumulated from the current stay cannot be used immediately but can be used for the next stay.

Points Accumulation:
Points will be credited to the account within 3 working days after checking out and completing payment.

Member Points Redemption Policy:
1. Points Redemption: Only applicable for direct hotel bookings made via phone, in person, or email. Bonus points can be used for payment discounts.
2. Points Redemption: Each bonus point can be used to offset 1 NTD of room charges. There is no limit to the number of points that can be redeemed.


Eligibility for KNS Hospitality Corporation Member Bonus Points
Member application qualifications:
1. Customers staying at Kindness Hotel, Kindness Day Hotel, and Mean To Be Inn.
*Corporate entities, companies, and group travel agencies are not eligible for the member points policy.
*Guests using accommodation vouchers are not eligible for the member points policy.
*Guests staying at monthly rates or other special project rates, and those booking through third-party online platforms (except the KNS Hospitality Corporation official website), are not eligible for the member points policy.

2. Points can be accumulated for single occupancy in a room.
3. The membership number is the individual's ID card number or passport number.