Kindness Day x STIMLIG


“The details are not the details. They make the design. “ — Charles Eames, furniture designer


When you return to Kindness Day after a long day journey, those chairs which exude tender atmosphere are waiting for you. You can sit cozily on the chair with your family and friends and have nostalgia for those good times that only belong to you.


Kindness Hotel strives to serve our customers with high quality in southern Taiwan. However, we hope to make continuous progress and improvements to provide our clients with a better service experience. A new brand -“Kindness Day Hotel” was born in 2018. We’ve made a comprehensive upgrade in terms of architecture, interiors, furniture, food, and services, making it become a place not only to stay overnight, but also to make travelers to slow down their steps and literally enjoy local daily life here.


"Chair" is an important role in supporting the tired body of travelers. We'd like to make travelers experience unparalleled relaxation when sitting on. Therefore, Ontology Studio and STIMLIG have collaborated to develop a series of chairs combined with brand essence and people-oriented concept for Kindness Day hotel: Kindness Lounge, Kindness Stool, Kindness Sofa. The concept and appearance are designed by STIMLIG, and then Ontology Studio customizes color scheme according to the hotel space and brand proposition, so that the personalized furniture can be harmoniously integrated into the Kindness Day.