Kindness Day _ Fourth Attack of Eating co-branded collaboration


While a hot pot full of flavoured broth is kept simmering, raw ingredients are placed into the pot and are cooked in a manner similar to fondue. Hot pot meals can enhance friendship and unite family members or colleagues as several people sit around a pot, talking and eating. Due to the high popularity and the unique way of eating, hot pot has already become the major attraction in Taiwan. Taiwanese people are obsessed with hot pot. The top choice of late-night supper is “spicy hot pot” in particular. A spicy soup base with Duck blood and stinky tofu is incredibly scrumptious. The soft and tender texture and juicy taste make this one of the most special Taiwanese local delicacies. Not only warm your hearts but also fill your bellies!


It’s our pleasure to invite Ding Wang, a spicy and numbing hot pot restaurant in Taipei, to be our partner for the food co-branding collaboration. For many epicures, it’s one of their favorite restaurants. However, in addition to queuing up for this gourmet in Taipei, you could choose to stay at Kindness Day hotel to enjoy the delectable hot pot.


|Ding Wang|

Ding Wang Hot Pot was founded in 1992 by Ms. Lin. Well-chosen natural ingredients are boiled in the sophisticated spicy hot pot soup stock. Besides, Ding Wang strives to provide the high quality of ingredients and build a great brand reputation for thirty years. 

Smell the aroma of herbs and spices first, and the taste of spicy soup stock cooked with Chinese medicinal herbs is quite mild in taste but it won’t make your throat dry. Also, Sichuan pepper creates a tingly numbness in the mouth. There is an easy but the most recommended dipping sauce recipe: white vinegar, sesame oil and garlic sprout. You can taste rich and flavourful soup base and original ingredients in hot pot with the simple dipping sauce for additional flavouring.


In this broiling summer, Kindness Day collaborated with Ding Wang in launching a product - “congealed duck blood and tofu spicy hot pot”. Duck blood and stinky tofu are indispensable parts of a spicy hot pot. Adding some crunchy fried bread sticks and sesame oil fried dough twists to make your hot pot much more flavourful.


|Kindness Day Exclusive|
Date: July 15 ~ August 31, 2020
Venue: Restaurant on the 1st floor
Supply Period: 19:00⁓22:00 p.m.




Kindness Day strives to make sure all of our guests have a blast during travel. We plan a series of eating activities to share the delicacies with you.