Kindness Day _ Third Attack of Eating co-branded collaboration


Here comes the third attack of eating co-branded collaboration at the Kindness Day Hotel. In the third round, we are pleased to invite Shan Shan Cha who are proud to make their tea in the natural agricultural way, providing our guests the finest Taiwanese tea that are not fertilized nor treated with pesticides. Tea culture not only includes the substance itself but also the philosophy and the sprit of “teaism.” We are in this era of fast food culture where people consume food and drinks without thinking of what we eat or drink, and even the source of them. However, Kindness Day hotel wants to provide our guests a trusted source.

|The story behind founding Shan Shan Cha|
The founder of Shan Shan Cha attended a friend’s meeting and had a sip of the tea that recalls the memory of having gentle and sweet taste from the past. The founder interestedly inquired about the source of tea and acknowledged that the tea was planted under a natural environment where pesticides or fertilizer were not applied, keeping the most natural taste of tea.

Having this thought in mind, the founder began to visit numerous tea gardens in Taiwan to search for such tea. However, the founder realized that most of the tea gardens use pesticides and chemical fertilizers. After uncountable amount of failed explorations, the founder redirected the goal and decided to personally create the taste of that natural tea flavor from memory. Shan Shan Cha was then founded and the spirit of natural farming law has always been in its corporate philosophy- respect, persevere and live accordance with nature.

We sincerely hope that travelers can enjoy the original flavor of food during their travel time, not only to eat at ease, but also to slow down the pace of the journey, to actually enjoy the food and the trip. Therefore, we collaborated with Shan Shan Cha and selected two types of cold-brewed tea for our guests:

《 Oriental Beauty Black (honey scented black tea) 》
The honey scented black tea, also named as the Oriental Beauty Black, is produced in a township of Nantou using milk-scented Jin Xuan tea species, cultivated using natural agricultural methods. When the young leaf buds are bitten by insects, the remaining saliva on the leafs allows the plants to grow tea leafs with honey scented aroma. The honey scent of the tea is then enhanced through the backing process, a process that makes the tea become a fully fermented black tea. The color of Oriental Beauty Black is in bright orange and crystal red. The tea also exudes the aroma of cooked honey, making it a sweet and mellow aftertaste.
The Oriental Beauty Black has the original milky scent of Jin Xuan’s tea, the honey aroma of the young tea leaf, as well as a chocolate and caramel flavored taste. The tea has a sweet taste of a ripe fruit along with a hint of milky flavor, rich but not greasy, is always mistaken as a sugar added tea. This Oriental Beauty Black can definitely overthrow your impression on traditional black tea.  

《 Shan Shan Oolong 》
The Shan Shan Oolong is produced in Shan Shan tea garden, bred on the Nanhua Mountain in Nantou, and also cultivated using natural agricultural methods. The tea leaves are harvested and baked according to the climate and the state of leaves, making the tea with light and delicate taste- a natural mountain flavor taste.
This special oolong tea has a light roasted aroma, accompanied by the ripening floral and fruity taste, which allows you to taste tea in different levels. The first taste is oolong tea, and then the taste turns into floral and fruity taste, at the end it becomes a light roasted taste.  

In addition, the glass portable bottle of the cold-crewed tea can be taken away by the travelers. We hope that the bottle can be reused and we welcome everyone to visit the Kindness Day and enjoy the specially selected tea while caring for the natural environment.




Kindness Day strives to make sure all of our guests have a blast during travel. We plan a series of eating activities to share the delicacies with you.