Get your daddy to Pa-Gui


Halloween is a Western "ghost festival "that celebrates every once in a year.

There have been numerous rumors, stories and allusion behind Halloween, which we will not deliberate here. This year, we want to focus on creating an unforgettable festival experience for our guests.


If you've ever stayed at Kindness Day Hotel or have been paying attention to our hotel or just craft beer, then you must be familiar with this Taiwan local craft brewer-Jim & Dad’s Brewing Company.


This time, it is your chance to taste the newly launched guava wheat beer! All you need to do is to participate in our Halloween event: " Taking pictures and check-in on our Facebook fan page at Kindness Day Hotel". For more details, please see the following.


George -- the main character of this Halloween event


George is a lazy employee who works in Kindness Day Hotel, but he only comes to work on Halloween weekend! If George has super power just like a cartoon star, it is surely acceptable to let him work once every four years, but the problem is, he does not! Now, we need your help in finding this indolent employee, George.


If you stay during the last weekend of Halloween at Kindness Day Hotel, from October 30 to November 1, please find George and take pictures with him, and then you need to check-in or hashtag us on Facebook or Instagram. You will get a free beer upgrade to "Seasonal Limited/ Guava Wheat Beer".


Limited Quantity for Each Room! Trick or Drink!


Friendly Reminder: DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.