Beats On Eyes in Kindness Day


October, it’s time to get into Halloween creepy haunted atmosphere!

It will also be the first Halloween for Kindness Day Hotel. We’d like to bring you much more activities and surprises, so we’ve invited “Beats on Eyes” to brighten up everyone’s Halloween!
Beats on Eyes is a creative platform combined with music and video. It was initiated by illustrator Han Lee, JP Space principal Chenghan Jiang, and video creator Yuwei Wu. Since its establishment in January 2016, it has accumulated more than 300 pieces of music and video works with various styles. There are different themes in each issue that allows participants to try disparate styles.
 "Big Eyes" is a part of the first physical performance of Beats on Eyes in 2017. This installation art was also designed by a design team called Haniboi led by Taiwanese designer Han Lee. The team’s creative field covers illustrations, graphic design, and even merchandise. At the same time, they also hold many different kinds of interesting activities and projects. The  purpose of the creation is to share happiness with people. The humor and richness of the stories are the two most important elements for this creations. The creations of Haniboi include “UP UP to you” and “happy crotch”.

We have created Halloween’s atmosphere in the appearance of the hotel. Not only our guests but also the pedestrians are able to enjoy different views and atmosphere day and night. We want our guests and friends can chat, play, take pictures, listen to music and even drink a bottle of guava wheat beer to chill.

Exhibition Date: October 19 to November 8, 2020

Exhibition Venue: Kindness Day Hotel 



Kindness Day Hotel
Address: No. 416, Sec. 2, Minsheng Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan