THEFREEN BURGER comes from the hometown of turkey, which branches spread all over the country and it will tickle your taste buds!

Its fresh ingredients may not be enough but full for you.

It may be late but never absent. Which burger symbolizes freedom? ——THEFREEN BURGER


The highly anticipated Kindness Day Hotel Eating co-branded collaboration project is here! The first co-branded campaign in 2021 won’t let you down. We’re quite honored to invite and cooperate with the local burger chain enterprise "THEFREEN BURGER" to launch limited meals, and the campaign time will be extended to one month to let more travelers can enjoy healthy, fresh and appetizing burgers.


THEFREEN is a combination of "THE FRESH, REAL & GREEN", which means the food must be fresh and real. The founder Mr. Chen believes that fast food can also be healthy. It was originally a fruit and vegetable shop, and now there are 11 branches in northern, central and southern Taiwan, insisting on making homemade bread. THEFREEN burger uses pure beef and fresh vegetables, paired with its unique sauces, completely reversing the impression that "fast food is unhealthy".


Kindness Day Hotel and THEFREEN's team overcame quite a few obstacles in food delivery and cooking after many discussions and practical implementation. Up to now, we have finally announced the launch of the limited meals called "THEFREEN Ranger Burger" which be offering exclusive Kindness Day. There are three choices: classic beef burger, vanilla chicken burger and vegetable burger with mushroom, which are perfectly matched with sourdough bread, fresh lettuces, tomatoes and sauce. If you want to taste what is "simple but amazing" exclusive meals, just come to stay at Kindness Day Hotel!


|Kindness Day Exclusive|
Date: February 1, 2021 to February 28, 2021
Venue: Restaurant on the 1st floor
Supply Period: 19:00⁓22:00 p.m
THEFREEN BURGER exchange method: The hamburger voucher provided with the accommodation can be redeemed with bartenders at the counter. The meal freshly prepared as ordered so please wait patiently for it. Due to the limited supply of materials, the service of more burgers and additional orders will not be provided.



Kindness Day strives to make sure all of our guests have a blast during travel. We plan a series of eating activities to share the delicacies with you.