Kindness Day & Mikkeller


Kindness Day Hotel reaches anniversary from the opening of business this year. In event to celebrate appreciation, we’ve launched a new project inviting Danish craft brewery “Mikkeller”. Beer lovers may be no strangers to this fabulous brewery’s brand. Mikkeller gives the impression that it is a bit weird, cute, cozy and unrestrained. We integrated imagery into Kindness Day, and built a beer bar where you feel relaxed with a few drinks with no sense of distance. It will be a unisex space where everyone can enjoy it happily. Mikkeller is an exclusive beer bar for our hotel guests . You can taste fresh craft beer in various flavours without walking any further.

The Denmark-based brewing brand — Since 2006. Showcasing all incredible creativity, good brewing ability, many magical recipes, and gypsy craft brewing styles, making a brewing universe whose endless possibilities become more flexible. Therefore, Mikkeller presents its unique path in a situation of a hundred schools contend.

Mikkeller was founded by home brewer : Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, a high school physics teacher. He’s such a big fan of beer, so this made him study brewing with friends he has known for a couple of years. He was very enthusiastic about the world of beer who started experimenting with hops, malt, yeast and a variety of unexpected ingredients at home.

As a beer bar, side dishes are essential. We’ve combined the original evening snacks with the concept of "Food and wine pairings" and paired them with Mikkeller beers, which have the unique aroma and flavour to expand the special meals. Afterward, we will continue to launch a wide variety of catering co-branded collaborations, select suitable meals, so that travelers can enjoy the perfect combination of all kinds of beers and gourmet meals. In the future, Kindness Day Hotel and Mikkeller Beer will roll out exclusive limited-beers and different kinds of co-branded products. Those who love beers should not miss out on it.

We offer four taps of craft beer and a variety of bottled beers now. The beers will be changed from time to time. We hope that travelers can have a drink at the beer bar after a day trip.

Starting date:February 21, 2021
Opening hours:19:00-22:00
The seating area at Beer Bar is for hotel guests only. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Your patience is very much appreciated.

⚠️Do not drink and drive. Please do not drink if you are a minor aged below 18.