Kindness Day x Hikaru Matsubara 2nd-anniversary co-branded project — "What an adorable Tainanese” !


To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the establishment of the Kindness Day Hotel, Kindness Day Hotel has specially crossover with the popular Japanese Graphic Artist, Hikaru Matsubara, on the 2nd-anniversary co-branded project — "What an adorable Tainanese”! Matsubara used to draw covers for Japanese magazines such as POPEYE, Bungeishunju, etc. This anniversary project is based on the concept of "Traveler". Matsubara's light-hearted and witty painting style not only takes us to move back and forth along the small alleyways of Tainan, but also outlines the traveler's imagination of life in southern Taiwan. In this way, he has created a gaggle of exclusive collaborations and limited-time editions, which are displayed in an exhibition space.


Kindness Day x Hikaru Matsubara8 illustrators depicting the lifestyle of Tainanese

Hikaru Matsubara captures different types of travelers' appearances in Tainan, from the local to the energy tourists. Then he picks up a paintbrush and creates 8 vivid illustrations. Naughty winking illustration — "Kindness Day Smiley" is integrated Kindness Day's logo into classic smile graphic created by Matsubara. "Sweet Sunny Blend" is like a traveler flying in the sky. "Southside City Boy" explores the beauty of Taiwan's former capital on a bike. "Foodie Girl" who always smiles with a Fucheng-style filter is as sweet as sugar in the air, while "Outdoor Man" literally enjoys his life between the outdoors and the city. All these illustrations are enjoying the scenery of Tainan at their own paces.

Indulging in the refreshing fruit ice cream with condensed milk is undoubtedly the best enjoyment for Tainanese in sweltering summer. "A Song of Ice and Fruit" and "Let Fruit Go" are absolutely waiting for you right here! On the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of Kindness Day Hotel, it is also ushering in the coming of the Year of the Tiger.

Wishing all of you all good health and great fortune!


Let Hikaru Matsuhara interpret your Tainanese style: 10 kinds of must-have items will be officially launched on February 25


City Boy Short Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt_White/Khaki

Designed by Taiwan's local brand "Filter017", which is good at mixing urban and outdoor styles; it's also designed as a loose-oversized pocket T-Shirt, and high-quality heavyweight cotton fabric meets the needs of the "Southside City Boy".

Hikaru Matsubara’s graphic designs elicit a postmodern vibe with their uncomplicated black outlines and minimalistic pops of color, delivering the personal styles of City Boy. A leisurely stroll is the best way to explore Tainan, discovering lovely people, things, and scenes at your own pace.


Mr. Tiger PM Travel Bag

The iconic "Vigorous and Lively" Year of the Tiger is merged with Plain-me's specially designed waterproof travel pouch; the selected nylon fabric is lightweight, stylish, portable, and has multiple interlayers for strong storage.


Smiley Face Embroidered Vintage Hat_Blue/Khaki

Do you want to walk towards the small streets and alleys in Tainan but be afraid of the bright sun shining down? Wear a nifty winking smiley face on the vintage hat with delicate embroidery paired with breathable and pre-washed fabrics for a retro lounge feeling. You can fully revel in the charm and enthusiasm of Tainan, without basking in the sun, and show your travel attitude!


TOYO SASAKI Tumbler_Foodie Girl/Outdoor Man

"TOYO-SASAKI GLASS“, is the No. 1 glassware manufacturer in Japan in terms of production volume and quality. Their glassware is now widely loved all over the world due to its good crash resistance and lower breakage rate.

Kindness Day has partnered with TOYO-SASAKI to launch the classic mug tumblers featuring two graphics "Outdoor Man" and "Foodie Girl".


Vintage Hotel Key Chains_ Blue/Khaki

The scariest thing in the journey is losing our keys. Everyone's voice, Kindness Day Hotel has heard it! Inspired by the creative idea of vintage American hotel key tags, its eye-catching design and moderate size won't make you spend time searching for your keys.


Vigorous and Lively Tiger _ Kyoto-Yogyo Ceramic Mug

Kyoto-Yogyo Ceramic is a 60-year-old ceramic manufacturing brand located in Kyoto, Japan. "Mino ware" (Mino-yaki), with its broad and wide-ranging pottery tradition stemming back 1300 years, was recognized as a traditional craft by the Japanese government in 1978. The bright color glazed pottery is fired in a strong Japanese style, and the brand's delicate, stylized design graphic is presented by hand-printing techniques, which also presents a more concise and practical lifestyle.


Kindness Day Smiley Metal Brooch

With a childlike yellow smiley face as the main axis, exquisite craftsmanship and bright colors allow this lovely brooch add some highlights to your multi-layered look in spring. Give your outfit a dazzling style!


City Boy MiiR Travel Mug / Camping Cup

Tainan has no shortage of charming cafés and beverage shops. A must-have item for a journey to Tainan must be the stylish and easy-to-clean travel mug. Kindness Day has teamed up with a well-known American thermos brand, MiiR, to launch a 12 oz travel mug and a 12 oz camping cup. The perfect white color bottle with neat patterns and simple lines, built for people on the go.


UGLY HALF BEERFruit Shaved Ice with Sweetened Condensed Milk Flavor XPA_ A Song of Ice and Fruit/Let Fruit Go

The best-selling flavor "fruit shaved ice with sweetened condensed milk" in Tainan Ice and Fruit Store is made into beer, presenting a comprehensive fruit "flavor" with rich hops. It's like going back to the ice and fruit store where you can taste the shaved ice as quickly as possible in the heat. What a true salvation!

It will hit store shelves on March 28. Hey~ All boozer~ Please look forward to the various purchase channels announced by Kindness Day Hotel. Don't miss out!


“What an adorable Tainanese” — 2nd-anniversary collaborations will be on sale on February 25. All merchandise will be available at Kindness Day Hotel, Pinkoi, Filter017, Woden, Plain Me, and other channels. Don't miss out on the fantastic illustrations created by Hikaru Matsubara!