Kindness Day Vacation - Chicken / Cocktails Package


The pandemic has kept you getting a cabin fever because cannot travel abroad? This “Chicken / Cocktails Package” makes it easy to enjoy your vacation! After check-in, you’re able to relax with special cocktails.

▼Chicken In
When it comes to “Chicken”, how can we ignore everyone’s favorite street snack - popcorn chicken? After work, popcorn chicken to pair with beer is definitely the best soothing and stress-relieving time. Taiwanese popcorn chicken stores present the situation where a hundred schools of thought are contending. Whether it’s seasoning, deep-frying, or selection of ingredients are branches of knowledge, and each food stall has its own supporters. We invite SHI YUN popcorn chicken, which has been around for more than 30 years, as the protagonist of this season’s late night supper. Cheer up!

|SHI YUN Popcorn Chicken|
Shi Yun popcorn chicken, a time-honored shop, is commonly known in the Shida business district.  Garlic is their classic taste. Adhering to the principle of "changing new oil every day to make customers feel reliable and reassuring", there is always a long line, and the strong aroma of garlic mixed with fried food drifts across the streets and alleys, which makes people can’t help joining the queue. In recent years, a new branch had been expanded in bustling Ximending. It has been developed from the original small street stall to the storefront, and the dinning seats are also provided, so that everyone can taste the crispy salted chicken right away!

Besides Taiwanese popcorn chicken, Kindness Day Hotel also provides a redesigned menu paired with various street foods in Taiwan such as minced pork rice, noodle soup and braised dish. Completely 100% Taiwanese style! 

▼Beer Cocktail
Beer & fried foods are said to be a classic combo. On a whim, We invited T.C.R.C to blend beer cocktails mixed with two kinds of Mikkeller beers. Come and enjoy special beer cocktails at Kindness Day Hotel!

|Bar T.C.R.C.| 
Transformed from an old house and hidden in the alleys of Xinmei Street, Bar T.C.R.C. has been deeply cultivated in Tainan for many years and has been nominated numerous times as top 50 best bars in Asia. Bar T.C.R.C is skilled for its fusion of Tainan’s local ingredients and blending unique and original cocktails. The popularity does not come from its fame, but the warmth that comes from the old house where bartenders carefully listen to your preferences and blend exclusively just for you. In this cooperation event, Yixiang Huang, the person who is in charge of Bar T.C.R.C, created two special cocktails exclusively for Kindness Day Hotel.  

Rainforest is a blend of Mikkeller Burst IPA, a beer with original taste of tropical fruit flavor, mixing with vodka, passionfruits, earl grey oolong, fresh oranges and orange liqueur. It is a multi-layered flavors cocktails that brings you to a fruity tropical rainforest.  

◆Litchi Visions 
Mikkerler Visions lager, a golden yellow and lemoned scented beer, is an easy-to-drink beer that tastes crispy and refreshing. With a mix of gin, lychee blacktea and snow chrysanthemum with the beer, the smell of sweet lychee flavor assails the nostrills. It is sweet and juicy, and what else would you think of after drinking it? It may be pure love and a little sorrow.  

‹Please do not drink if you are a minor aged below 18. 🔞Do not drink and drive.›

🛎Kindness Day Exclusive
【Kindness Day Vacation - Chicken / Cocktails Package】
Venue: 1st floor
Late Night Supper Supply Period: 19:00⁓22:00 pm
Chicken In ► 2021/10/4 ~ 2022/2/28
Beer Cocktail ► 2021/10/15 ~ 2022/1/2

Kindness Day Hotel reserves the right of final interpretation of the event. Any adjustments will be announced on the official website and our social media, we apologize for the inconvenience caused.