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|Growling Tiger and Roaring Dragon T-shirt|

The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, an iconic Kaohsiung landmark, are located in the middle of Lotus Lake in Zuoying District. There is Gueishan at Lake’s northern edge and, in the south, the Banpingshan. Visitors enter through the dragon’s mouth into a tunnel with walls embellished with carvings, and exit via the mouth of the tiger for good luck and fortune- reversed. It is also one of the “Ten reasons to love Kaohsiung” introduced by CNN.


We select this scenic spot with oriental elements as the design theme. The T-shirt is produced in small batches by Filter017, made of 100% cotton, pure white but opaque. Put on this T-shirt to be our Kindness Day's buddies!


🎉Limited Edition Gifts 《Buy One, Get Two Free》

Kindness Day inherits the genuine warmth and welcoming spirit from Kindness Hotel. Buy a T-shirt and get two free - growling tiger and roaring dragon Craft Beer and growling tiger and roaring dragon Drip Bag Coffee. The finely crafted fruit beer with a sweet aftertaste is brewed by Jim & Dad's Brewery, and the follicular coffee is specially made by St.1 cafe, the warmest cafe in Tainan. The beans are processed by two methods - Honduras honey anaerobic and Colombia anaerobic natural. Medium roast presents the aroma of ripe tropical fruits and sweet chocolate, you can also taste its rich flavour just like passionate southern Taiwan. Beer and coffee are on the house! Having these two best drinks in the morning and evening.


Launch Date:From September 18th, 2021

Sales Channel:Kindness Day Hotel (Offer valid while stocks last)

◆A limited quantity of the Free Gift-With-Purchase while supplies last◆