Kindness Day Epidemic Prevention Policies


From 2021/9/1, Kindness Day Hotel will fine-tune catering service patterns in order to provide a safe dining environment and appetizing meals for our guests in accordance with government guidelines.

Breakfast & Midnight Snack

◆Food served and dine-in in the restaurant during the dining time.

◆Crowd control and capacity limit management at public venues is required indoors during the epidemic. Our guests are able to choose take-away service if the number of people in the restaurant exceeds the seating limit.

◆Please wear face masks when not eating or drinking.

◆Required measures include keeping space between tables, putting up dividers on tables and cleaning with sanitizer.

◆24 hrs drinks, ice creams and teatime cookies are provided as usual.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation during the epidemic. We will continue to clean and disinfect carefully, and implement contact information registration upon entering. We are all one at the fight against the pandemic.