Alley Walker-Love Love Land, Chinese Valentine


Have you ever lost your way in the alleys of Tainan?

Taking a walk without direction and purpose, you just expect to bump into someone at the next corner. The place might be a cafe housed in a renovated traditional building, or at the door of the village chief's house where locals love to gather, or a hundred years temple. Getting lost has become a joy of travel.

"Alley Walker" is worth exploring the alleys of Tainan that you lost. Perhaps you cannot come to Tainan now, but Kindness Day warmly welcomes everyone to follow our footsteps to start a "Cloud Trip"! There are variety of unknown things, unique stores, and attractions you haven't been to.

Walking around Snail Alley reminds me of a saying: "Tainan is a place suitable for dreaming, working, falling in love, getting married, and living a leisurely life." — Yeh Shih Tao, pioneering Taiwanese litterateur.

Tainanese live a slow-paced, quiet but convenient life. You're able to enjoy sparsely populated, sweet, but particularly delicate food, crisscrossing paths in the fields, and these subtle things are all the reasons why people fall for this adorable Tainan.

Tainan is an ancient city that allows you to conduct a love affair, but also makes you want to fall in love with.

During the epidemic, even people cannot visit Tainan, however, you can still establish a long-distance relationship with Tainan in other ways.

〈Love Love Land Valentine Gift Box〉

Kindness Day Hotel made a debut of Chinese Valentine's gift box. We have poured a token of our appreciation into this gift box. Although the launching time is during the Chinese Valentine's Festival, whether you're single or unavailable, as long as you are very fond of Tainan, you can feel the fullness of the gift box. The gift box contains Tainan’s childhood snacks – Tainan brown sugar hollow cookies, red dates and longan tea, honeysuckle and chrysanthemum tea, and a special hand-made canvas bag for Chinese Valentine. All these well-chosen cobranded stores have reached our favorite top level.

No need to visit Tainan, but still receive the blessing from God of matchmaking

In the alleys of Xinmei street, there's one of the four Gods of matchmaking at Tainan Grand Mazu Temple. According to the statistics of the temple, there are more than 300 couples who have found their partners for a year on average. In addition to being renowned for its matchmaking powers, another strength is to warm up relationships, suitable for lovers to prayer together. Whether you're looking for better luck in love or begging for a long-time relationship with your partner, the partner of your dreams will be pulled.

A box in hand, Destiny be with you

Brown sugar hollow cookie (Pung Bing) is a classic childhood snack in Tainan. Our team especially found a handmade almond tofu shop called "Imodo Tofu" on Chihkan East Street. Although it started with almond tofu, but also great at the specially designed souvenir - mini pung bing. The size is moderate, the round shape represents perfect fate, and the brown sugar filling means that the heart is sweeter.

The two Chinese herbal teas are customized by "Hand Haabu Living" located next to the alley of Yamuliao market, breaking stereotypes in traditional Chinese medicine. The tea bags are all compound recipes, with a smooth taste and sugary. Red dates and longan tea are necessary for those who go to the temple to pray to the enshrined deities – Yuelao (God of matchmaking), and ask for a Mr. or Mrs. Right as soon as possible. The herb materials of honeysuckle and chrysanthemum tea include chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, Astragalus, etc., which have the effect of calming the mind. The most important thing is to make your partner happy, life will be easier.

The hand-made canvas bag in the gift box is a collaboration with Bangstree. The design is simple and elegant, and now it has become popular with girls on Pinkoi. Bangstree treats each hand-made bag as its own child. After discussing with the Bangstree, we chose the annual hot-selling heavy duty canvas tote bag. Zhinü and Niulang (the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl), a symbol of Chinese Valentine, are printed on the bag, which allowing you to carry this romantic tale and happiness with you.

|Love Love Land Gift Box|
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