Kindness Day × It's Saturday


When we returned home after traveling, the crackling and popping noises and scents as wood chips on fire became lingering memories of our fantastic trip - felt like it was just yesterday to visit southern Taiwan.


Go through the checkpoints before check-in, and the moment you step on the floor from the elevator. With the scent leading your way, warm sweet, and sour woody fruity scented candles are available to take home this time!


Scents and memories are inextricably linked. We've all experienced the space fragrance at Kindness Day Hotel " It's Saturday # No.416 Southern Journey " which has sent us back to the warm and humanistic memories of Tainan. Cement terrazzo candle holder and wood-scented candle create a warm and reassuring feeling, perfect for lighting next to your bedside at bedtime.


|No.416  Southern Journey|

The number ‘No.416’ is taken from the house number of Kindness Day Hotel.

Its calm woody fragrance blends with the fresh blackberry fruity aroma - warm and sweet, just like the memories of the Tainan adventure.

Every day is a good day, just let your hair down!


|Fragrance Notes|

Cedarwood, BlackBerry, Tea polyphenols, Shea nut, Lemon, Jasmine


|About Terrazzo |

The idea of the terrazzo candle holder comes from the representative building materials of historical buildings and houses in Taiwan. It also combines the foreign popular “terrazzo” trend with Tainan's traditional craft culture, which this line was chosen as the co-branding representative.


Cementitious terrazzo requires time and expertise to mix a ratio of marble aggregate and cement, all in order to create a unique texture for the terrazzo container.


Terrazzo artisans blend cement and other fine color-pigmented aggregates. The distribution of stones and air bubbles present in each container is unique, and which aroma from a scented candle is better released through the permeability of cement and the evaporation of the fragrance from the solid candle itself.




– Weighs 200g

– With an average burn time of approximately 50 hours

– Handmade

– Made in Taiwan

– Each candle comes with a candle lid


|Sales Channel|

– Kindness Day Hotel

– Pinkoi|

– It's Saturday Official Website|


|Fragrance Shop|

– Everydayware & co in Taipei

2F, No. 25, Ln. 20, Sec. 2, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City / Near the MRT Taipei City Hall Sta. (Exit 4)

Monday - Sunday: 2 P.M. to 10 P.M.


– Haconiwa はこにわ in Taichung

No. 4, Dazhi St., Tanzi Dist., Taichung City

Monday - Saturday: 1 P.M. to 5 P.M.


We recommend these fragrant candles to everyone who loves the scent of Kindness Day Hotel.