“HYGGE CAMP”- Japan Outdoor Select Shop


Going camping is more casual and yearning when modern city living becomes monotonous!

Kindness Day Hotel collaborates with Kontainer to launch a new project called "HYGGE CAMP", a select shop that combines indoor and outdoor living styles. Our tasteful outdoor brands' buddies from Japan, such as SLOWER, WEEKEND(ER), PLATCHAMP and YOKA have been invited to co-organized the OUTDOOR LIVING pop-up store in Tainan, from June 15 until July 16, 2023!


|A Select Shop that Extends From Hotel to Life|

Like the slogan "UNEXPECTED FRIENDSHIP", Kindness Day Hotel collaborates with Canadian design Inc. and Japanese outdoor brands to show cross-border and cross-field cooperation and connections. All of us come from different cultural backgrounds to curate and create a select shop that extends from hotel to life. We hope to present the unique charm of HYGGE CAMP through the display and experience activities of outdoor selections. The pronunciation of "HYGGE [Take A Vacation]" in Danish is similar to "HUE-GAH" in Taiwanese, HYGGE means warmth and comfort. Making daily life can also be like a well-arranged outdoor holiday trip, leaving wonderful memories every moment.


|One-Off Shopping Event for Japanese Outdoor Brands Special Selection|

Kindness Day Hotel exclusively embraces in-store events, all outdoor brands will be showcased on the 1st floor to develop the appearance of daily life and create an impressive camping atmosphere.


A houseware brand from Japan "SLOWER", conveys the concept of "downshifting" the same with Kindness Day Hotel, which advocates portable and practical functionality developing various housewares that can be freely used outdoors and indoors. “WEEKEND(ER)” was born with the theme of "Happy Weekend", hoping to provide new discoveries for your life and enjoy a surprising weekend. The Japanese outdoor tableware brand "PLATCHAMP", their flagship product is a variety of tableware with unique sugar-fired enamel, a casual kitchen design that flows right into the outdoors. "YOKA" is named after the homonym of "leisure" in Japanese. The developed wooden assembly kit furniture not only retains the childlike experience similar to that of assembling toys, but it's lightness and high quality are also suitable for holiday life.

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or a pursuer of cozy life, HYGGE CAMP can make your life more stylish and present your personal taste in every detail.



|Build American Retro Hand-Painted Visual IP|

The campaign is a cross-border cooperation between KIID and Kindness Day Hotel, creating a visual plan for HYGGE CAMP. KIID draws four animals that live in the cities and outdoors respectively. They met in the wonderful HYGGE CAMP during the holidays with childlike American retro hand-painted brushstrokes. Record new friends learning from each other, exchanging life experiences while camping, and having an enjoyable holiday time.


|HYGGE CAMP Seasonal Limited Edition|

In addition to various Japanese outdoor brands, HYGGE CAMP is also coming out with a series of seasonal limited peripheral products for this event, such as loose fitting thickened graphic short-sleeved T-shirt, embroidered bucket hat summer fisherman outdoor cap, RISO vintage typographic poster, small goods such as pennants and classic image PVC stickers can create your own cozy life taste, making your daily life to be perfect.

From now on, you can also shop at the official site of Pinkoi "Kindness Day Hotel": Please click the link to purchase.


|Kindness Day Hotel HYGGE CAMP Information|

Date|June 15 (Thur.) ~ July 16 (Sun.), 2023

Venue|1st-floor Restaurant

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