Kindness Day the foodie time invites Maki Doughnut to ingeniously craft traditional Japanese doughnuts into tangyuan shapes, symbolizing completeness and bliss during the Lantern Festival. We offer two flavors for selection: 'Peanut' and 'Red Bean' The Peanut flavor exudes a rich nutty aroma and delightful taste, while the Red Bean flavor utilizes premium red beans from Tainan, imparting a silky texture and sweet taste. Each handcrafted doughnut is plump and round, brimming with warmth and sweetness.


Maki Doughnut

Maki Doughnut freshly crafts delicious doughnuts daily, using high-quality ingredients such as Japanese Nisshin flour, Finnish Valio butter, Japanese Sanonto sugar, eggs from Tainan Ranch, and fresh milk from Liujia Dairy Farm. We provide customers with refreshing, fluffy, and soft doughnuts, with special seasonal flavors to entice returning customers.



"Success requires time and refinement, and you know it demands relentless effort. But above all, never forget your original intention." by Maki



Maki Doughnut × Kindness Day the foodie time | Exclusive Dining Collaboration for Guests Only

About Maki Doughnut


Date | 2024 February 23  to 2024 March 10, Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Location | 1F Restaurant at Kindness Day Hotel

Time | 19:0022:00

Available with room reservation only Official Kindness Day Hotel Booking Website


Kindness Day the foodie time

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