Haley & Victor "Sunset Sunrise Full Creative Concert Tour" Tainan Stop – Kindness Day Hotel


Haley & Victor "Sunset Sunrise Full Creative Concert Tour" Tainan Stop – Kindness Day Hotel
Turning years of accumulated thoughts and feelings into countless stories and songs, allowing them to become the footprints that one can still feel alive in life.
"Creation has given me the most freedom and warmth to express myself fully."
It has been over three years since Haley’s last solo performance. During this time, she has faced the peak of the pandemic and experienced many encounters and farewells. However, she has remained committed to what she loves. Since deciding to pursue music, how many sunsets and sunrises has she witnessed? How many dark nights has she endured? Perhaps it was sudden inspiration, perhaps it was blaming fate, perhaps it was self-reflection, or perhaps it was picking oneself up again...
These profound experiences became her nourishment as she journeyed through this challenging path. Despite not being smooth sailing, she has become a person brave enough to speak out dreams and persist in them.
Now, these musical energies will eventually meet the right people at the right time, and Haley and Victor will present them one by one at the "Sunset Sunrise Full Creative Concert Tour."


Haley & Victor "Sunset Sunrise Full Creative Concert Tour" Tainan Stop

Location|Kindness Day Hotel 1F Sofa Area
Event Format|
◆ Admission will be guided by Kindness Day Hotel's staff in the same manner as usual self-service evening snacks. If the seats are full, there will be queues later.
◆ The singing event will be held simultaneously with the evening snack service. Guests staying at Kindness Day Hotel can enjoy evening snacks while listening to the music created by Haley and Victor.
◆ If Haley's fans want to attend the Tainan event, due to venue restrictions, only 10 non-resident spectators can register with Haley and purchase evening snack meal vouchers ($400/person) for admission.

About Haley 
◆ Kindness Day Hotel reserves the right to modify, change, and interpret the event at its discretion for any unmentioned matters.