Takao Sakai × Kindness Day Hotel |AZURER Azuki Bean Art Exhibition


In Japan, azuki beans have historically been regarded as talismans due to their color and are also seen as a food that brings happiness. Enjoying seasonal wagashi made from azuki beans or cooking azuki bean rice during celebrations symbolizes a prayer for happiness.


AZURER, using azuki beans to depict beards, employs people of different nationalities, races, ethnicities, religions, genders, ages, and professions as models. AZURER embodies the modern 'talismanic portrait,' symbolizing a wish for a world free of discrimination and violence.


Mr. Takao Sakai creatively uses a azuki bean to re-create accessible items for guests of Kindness Day Hotel. With delicate azuki bean artistry, he interprets items such as room cards, mugs, and telephones, transforming them into works of art. These additions from Takao Sakai's perspective infuse more details, encapsulating the beginning of a wish for happiness inside our hotel rooms.


During weekends throughout the exhibition period, A azuki bean of Takao Sakai extends to Kindness Day Hotel's evening snacks. After exploring the exhibition, peacefully indulge in the sweet flavors unique to Tainan, enjoying Tainan's 60-year-old renowned Fuchuan Azuki bean Mochi paired with a cup of hot tea. The nighttime air in Tainan is also sweet!


Additionally, merchandise related to a azuki bean is currently selling like hot cakes!


✦ Full Sugar Kindly Azuki Bean Retro Inn Keychain
The azuki bean canned product is ready to eat upon opening, offering a full and soft texture, adding sweetness to your life with the full sugar kindly Azuki bean.
▶ Size: 4.5cm x 9cm
▶ Weight: 20g


✦ Handle with Care Packaging Tape
While a single azuki bean may seem inconspicuous, when dozens stick together, they form a group. The concept of a group is undeniable and with a concept, you can give someone a tape. Handle with care! Handle with caution!
▶ Size: 4.8cm x 50m"





Born in Tokyo, 1978. M.F.A. Tokyo University of the Arts, Design Course. While he was still in school, he began to create works using Japanese sweets and azuki beans as motifs, and began his full-fledged artistic activities with an exhibition at Ota Fine Arts in 2005. 


Takao Sakai × Kindness Day Hotel |AZURER Azuki Bean Art Exhibition

▶ Date|2023.10.20(Fri.)~11.26(Sun.)
▶ location|Kindness Day Hotel 1F